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Student Front-End Developer(Part-Time)

- LambertLabs

Our Mission

LambertLabs is reinventing healthcare services by targeting needed, expensive products and making self-monitoring more accessible. Currently, test strips for diabetics are costly and are one of many parts to the glucose-level monitoring process, which often involves recurring doctor visits.

There aren’t feasible ways for low-to-middle class consumers to buy them in advance or at their own convenience. By providing a direct-to-consumer glucose-testing strip, we reduce costs for diabetics and enable them to utilize their smartphone cameras in lieu of expensive checkups and monitoring tests at a fraction of the cost.

Your Role -

Student Operations & Marketing Associate

Joining our team at this early stage is a matter of talent and fit both ways – if you care about medical technologies, cost-effective problem solving, and early-stage work, we want to hear from you. Please apply online by emailing with your name, resume, and the name of this position to be considered. This is a paid position.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop a detailed understanding of the current business and traction to eventually act as a representative for investor pitches and business development opportunities

  • Research and analyze existing marketing strategies and create improvements

  • Communicate effectively between various advisors, consultants, and investors on behalf of Lambert

  • Conduct market validation with active networks of diabetics in Austin

    Provide feedback and new ideas throughout all projects

Background, skills, experience:

  • Mission-oriented and passion-driven – there are many unstructured opportunities at this stage and being a self-starter is crucial

  • Well-versed in communicating business needs to both website and digital marketing designers

  • Proficient presentation experience with PowerPoint slide decks, pitches, and investor reports

  • Professional communicator that can convey expectations to both technical developers and outside marketing consultants

To Apply:

The Lambert Team

Lambert was founded by Sam Kanawati, a Master’s student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at UT Austin. Sam founded the venture after becoming frustrated that a relative in Lebanon was struggling to afford to test her blood at her doctor’s prescribed frequency.



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