Providing capital and mentorship to startups at UT Austin.

Our Mission

Enabling UT Austin student startups to change the world.

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Genesis brings students and alumni together to live out UT Austin’s mission statement: what starts here changes the world.

Built on a proven Venture Capital model, alumni and students work side by side in a powerful, hands on partnership to find deals, conduct due diligence, and invest real money in real startups founded by their peers.

Genesis is open to every student across UT Austin: all 50,000+ Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD students pursuing any degree are eligible to apply for funding or a role on the investment team.

Through Genesis, students are enabled to start their companies, build prototypes, and experience learning both sides of the investment table.

Because of Genesis, UT has a platform to attract and develop the best and brightest students around the world, and Austin has a powerful engine to drive economic development in Texas.


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